Ball valves female/female for domestic water


Made in italy

  • Brass ball valves, nickel-plated only on the external surface.
  • For hydro-thermo-sanitary systems (domestic water consumption according to recent European regulations).
  • Installation in industrial and civil heating systems, pneumatic systems and for non-aggressive fluids.
  • Installation in medium pressure water distribution systems.
  • Working pressure: 25 bar.
  • Working temperature: -20°C +130°C (excluding frost).
  • Cylindricals threads according to ISO 228-1.
  • Seal on stem: stem assembled from inside with 2 OR in EPDM Perox.
  • Seal on the ball with 2 gaskets in PTFE.
  • Full port (standard port only 2 ” valves)
Ball valves female/female for domestic water

    1. Steel AISI 430 screw.
    2. Drawn steel lever handle or:
    • aluminium knob;
    • steel or AISI 430 stainless steel flat lever;
    • steel lever or aluminium knob with extension stem in brass CW617N UNI EN 12165 nickel-plated and external extension in plastic PA6 50% fiberglass loaded.
    3. CW614N UNI EN 12164 stem.
    4. EPDM Perox o-ring.
    5. CW617N UNI EN 12165 body valve, nickel-plated only on the external surface.
    6. PTFE gasket.
    7. CW617N UNI EN 12165 chrome-plated ball.
    8. CW617N UNI EN 12165 end adaptor, nickel-plated only on the external surface

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