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The Ferrero brand was founded in 1962 and for over fifty years has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the industrial production of ball valves for use in the civil and industrial sphere, for gas, domestic water and other types of fluids.

2020 has been the year of change. The new ownership invests in: production, logistics and commercial units in the heart of the province of Brescia, to give the market a concrete signal of a company projected toward the future, which aims at strengthening its leadership as a manufacturer of valves and ball stopcocks at the international level.

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Our Innovation

The integrated industrial production guarantees the complete management of the entire supply chain: from the selection of raw materials to the processes of hot moulding, mechanical processing, assembly and testing, in order to guarantee its customers a quick and efficient response in line with the highest technical and quality standards. Particular attention is devoted to the management of stocks. On-time planning guarantees the level of goods in the warehouse, ensuring the immediate satisfaction of our customers’ delivery requests.

Thanks to the investment in research for new solutions, the design area has further expanded the product range, developing a vast proposal that best interprets the needs of an ever-changing market.

Ferrero Valvole currently has an innovative measurement laboratory, with state-of-the-art control tools, managed by expert and qualified personnel. This, combined with a careful development of the processes, allows us to constantly monitor the product, guaranteeing the highest quality standards in compliance with the requirements established by national and international regulations as well as with the commitments we have made with our customers


Ferrero Valvole seeks to consolidate its role in the production of ball valves, presenting itself as a specialised partner at the service of its customers, combining the tradition of the brand and continuous innovation for the development of cutting-edge solutions


Offering a wide range of products that comply with the highest quality standards. An objective that can be pursued through innovation, research and the constant commitment of its resources, both human and productive, with a view to the development of renewable technologies and sustainable sources that respect the environment

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